Life Hacks for DevSecOps Tasks

A guide to automating common security tasks and requests (so you don't have to wade through all the security-related questions that invariably end up on your desk).

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What You'll Learn from this Guide

We'll show you why the current way of prepping for audits is broken, and share tips on repurposing existing infosec work and streamlining your infosec program management.


Streamline InfoSec Work

From conducting pen tests to ensuring you know where your sensitive data lives, staying on top of InfoSec work can be a cinch with some planning. 


Leverage What You Have

Put to use all the work you've done for security questionnaires the first time around, and reuse it for passing audits (e.g. SOC 2).


Speed Up Audits

Audits are a grind – this guide will show you ways to save time. Not to mention, you'll learn automation shortcuts.

Start Automating Your
Security Tasks

Security doesn't need to be a grind – all you need is some time to plan things out. This guide will help you do just that.

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