Say goodbye to PCI (stress, that is) with Tugboat Logic

How the Tugboat platform will help you:

  • Automate control implementation for all the requirements and sub-requirements you need (yep, even if you need to meet all 300+ controls)
  • Reuse and apply work from your current certs (e.g. SOC 2, ISO 27001) and past audits for your PCI audit
  • Save thousands of dollars by doing everything right the first time around and not using costly consultants
  • Complete self-audits in minutes and a few clicks without getting sucked into spreadsheets
  • Free risk assessment with controls and processes you need to implement (consultants typically charge $10,000 for this – we don't)

Automate PCI Compliance Prep with a Trial of Tugboat

How Tugboat Helps You Get PCI Compliant


Stage 1 - Security Plan

Tugboat provides a prescriptive architecture that ensures all of your client data is ring-fenced in a single data store in the cloud and that all access controls follow the “zero-trust” model.


Stage 2 - Checkpoint Mtg

Tugboat meets with you before the official “observation period” to ensure all controls are implemented beforehand. This makes providing evidence quick and easy for you.


Stage 3 - Audit

Tugboat’s auditor partners provide the Evidence Request List for your PCI requirements, and proceed with the audit.

Adam Jaggers

CTO, XOi Technologies


"The more I use Tugboat, the more
I like it...I hate compliance, but your product makes it easier."

Josh Cameron

Chief Strategy Officer, Tanda


"I'm loving it. I actually can't shut up about Tugboat. The platform has really been very helpful for us."